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There were no any concept of cement in ancient times. All the monuments like LALKILA, TAJMAHAL ,KUTUBMINAR, BIBI MAKABARA in Aurangabad and many other historical monuments were built using lime based, molar sand after proper processing done by the architecture stalwarts in their royal kingdoms. All these monuments are still standing firm and strong. Though we may not get the same ingredients to prepare the same formula but thanks to some research on it some people manage to prepare the near formula with various items which are not easily available for Example – ‘SHELLS’, which are found in Kerala and Tamil Nadu,were brought and processed.PERLS which again are not easily available and are costly, gypsum even today is used in building industry on a large scale, These materials though costly but they are self-adhesive in nature the other benefit are that they don’t form cracks easily and also keepsthe environment inside the building cool and feel comfortable for people inside the building moreover this is nature friendly as well.

Our Quality Parameters

Our quality is drawn taking inspiration from the ancient legendary building structures, we take every minute care to get excellent & refined results from our products.
We assure utmost satisfaction to our customers with our quality products & workmanship. We have got team of trained manpower to inspect, supervise the work undertaken by our distributors across the states.
We have a very stringent quality norms and strictly no compromise policy with the quality of our product &and manufacturing standards.
As a company, we always believes in continuous improvement in our solutions and we seek your valuable suggestions/ inputs in our endeavor.