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Doctor Crete

Doctor Crete is a water proofing solution which will prevent buildings or any surface where its applied from any kind of leakage .
This product not only waterproofs but also helps in maintaining the temperature below the coated surface as it consist of Calcium Carbonate , Gypsum, Silica , Mica , Marble Powder and few percentage of Shell powder which is imported.


After Doctor Crete application on the surface , the surface becomes

  • Seepage proof.
  • Dampness proof.
  • Reflects the sun rays which continuously reflects the surface and decays the cement plaster due to different climatic conditions.

How to Apply

  • Doctor Crete comes in a powdered form of 30kg HSD bags with polythene cover inside which is sufficient for 100sq.ft surface.
  • The powdered form is to be mixed with pure drinking water avoiding salty or contaminated water for more better results.
  • Once it is mixed with water it is ready for applying on the surface , with easy application by the help of English trowel and a 6inch white paint brush.
  • Drying time is 24hrs.

Why Doctor Building Solution

  • We have expertise in the building acknowledging.
  • The material used is from natural resources available only in few places.
  • Our products are easy to apply and have long lasting effects