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Doctor cool coating is a heat reflecting material with environment friendly Green Revolution that keeps your home cool in summers even when the outside temperature exceeds 48°c , Doctor Cool coating reduces heat inside the room, minimize electric consumption of Air Conditioners and other coolingg system by lowest as 25%.

Unlike other heat insulation methods , Doctor Cool coating keep the surface of the roof upto 20°C to 30°C cooler which means it should be 6°C to 10°C cooler inside your residence.


  • Green technology using 100% water based Acrylic polymer.
  • A temperature drop of 6’C to 10’C will be experienced after it is applied.
  • Can be applied on wall roofs, asbestos , metal roof and almost all such places from where the heat radiates into our homes.
  • An energy saver unto 15-25 less energy consumption in air conditioned premises.
  • Non combustible easy to apply and maintenance free.
  • Non toxic , water proof and eco friendly.

Where to apply

*tinsheds * asbestose shades * roof top surfaces* terraces plastered surfaces* Plastic water storage tanks.

How to Apply

Surface should be clean, scraped and devoid of any loose decaying material.
Mix the compound with 30% to 40% clean water until a uniform paste is formed .
Apply the paste with 6inch brush uniformly.


Add 30 to 40 percent Hygienic, Drinking water and keep mixing for 15minutes tilla uniform type of compound is formed then apply to the surface smoothly using a white hair brush of 6".